When it comes to outdoor marketing and branding, there are so many items and products to choose from – whether it be a flag, a tent, a canopy, or a table cover, outdoor marketing is a great way to get your company to stand out. The most popular and effective tool in this specific area of marketing is in fact custom canopies. They can be used for so many different events to effectively market your business.

In other words, using custom canopies at events is successful in elevating the perception of your business and is likely to attract more visitors at these events. So, how can you use a custom canopy as a marketing tool? By bringing your canopy to these different events, you can attract a wide variety of potential visitors and customers to your brand.

Different Events to Utilize a Custom Canopy and How to Find Success

  1. Grand Opening

The first event you should set your custom canopy up at is your business’s grand opening. If you are opening up your first physical location, or a new branch, you should set up your custom canopy right outside. It is a great way to immediately grab the attention of local customers and introduce yourself right away to the community. By using a custom canopy, visitors are much more likely to be attracted to the perfectly branded tent and friendly employees ready and willing to build a relationship with them.

2. Trade Show

While indoor displays are ideal for trade shows and other indoor events, custom canopies are also versatile enough to be used indoor and outdoor as long as they have a fire certificate sewn-in. Unfortunately, this is an often overlooked consideration when it comes to trade shows, so always be sure to work with a company whose canopies come with a fire certificate sewn-in (Hint: Exhibit Supply brand canopies are one such brand!).

  1. Street Fairs and Festivals

It’s easy to take for granted the canopies at events like concerts, street art festivals, and even farmers markets, but a lot of work goes into making a booth stand out at such an event. After all, those attending these events often pay to be there (not the other way around), so a custom canopy is crucial to standing out amongst the competition.

  1. Anniversary Sales or Other Deals

If you are having a big sale or celebration at your business, using a custom canopy will definitely attract more customers. When setting up for your sale, be sure to include the different deals you will be offering on the actual canopy – this will pique potential customers’ interest as they will get an exact idea of what you are going to be offering to those participating in the sale.

  1. Tailgating

This last event is a bit more niche than the others, but just showing your support for a local sports team will allow you to better connect with the community and create a loyal customer base, so it’s worth it even if you aren’t exactly a perfect match. You have to be careful that you aren’t focusing on selling as much as exposure and support, though, so keep it simple.

How to Make Your Custom Canopy Stand Out

  • Use Three Bright Colors. When it comes to creating your display, you should stick to the 60-30-10 rule for the colors. This means that: 60% of your display will be one color and will tie your logo, other colors, and icons together, 30% of your display will create contrast to help establish interest, and 10% of your display should be a color to emphasize different graphics, logos, and icons.
  • Incorporate White Space. Be sure that your display is not too cluttered with words, icons, and branding. Less is more when creating custom canopies. You do not want to overwhelm your audience with too many visual elements.
  • Use Lighting and Illumination. There are many different ways to use lighting to your advantage and attract customers. Using a spotlight on your brand’s name or on a display underneath your custom canopy can attract attention. You can also use hanging lights directly above your canopy or even accent lighting behind certain graphics on the canopy.
  • Host interactive Product Demonstrations. Again, inside your custom canopy you can have a display with different products your company offers. By having a demonstration going on underneath the custom canopy, you will attract plenty of visitors to your booth.
  • Differently Shaped Display. Lastly, a great idea to get your custom canopy to stand out is to shape it differently or include extra add-ons to stand-out. Instead of just having your typical canopy, consider adding a walkway to get into your canopy. Another option is to have custom flags and banners encouraging attendees to walk over and into your display.

Overall, custom canopies are an extremely effective marketing tool to attract new visitors to your business and expand your customer base as long as you know how to use them correctly. Do you have a good or bad experience to share? Let us know in the comments section below!

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